About Bot Badassery

Robert Stukes

Shawn Anderson

Bot Badassery is the result of the vision of two digital entrepreneurs that are obsessed with audience engagement and results optimization.

Last year, Shawn Anderson, a 10 year veteran of online entrepreneurship called up his friend Robert Stukes to share with him the results he was seeing by utilizing Facebook's ground-breaking messenger bot technology to increase audience interactivity and thus, higher potential customer conversions.

Thus building rabid fan bases quickly and easily. Shawn was, as he puts it..."all in"

Robert was skeptical at first. He's run an online digital advertising and publishing agency for over 12 years and is extremely weary of "flash in the pan" hype and hyperbole.

But once he saw the immense power of Facebook's messenger bots, he was hooked.

Shawn and Robert then spent months collaborating, testing, and refining methods of using Facebook's messenger bots to grow audiences for themselves and their clients, increasing revenues exponentially across-the-board.

But what they saw around them troubled them: many other digital entrepreneurs were also becoming early adopters to this technology...but they didn't seem to be taking the steps that Robert and Shawn had took to fully optimize it for its greatest potential. And even more importantly, to remain in full compliance with Facebook's increasingly complex Terms of Service.

So Bot Badassery was born. Shawn and Robert have made it their mission to share with other like-minded entrepreneurs the power of messenger bots and the immense positive impact they can have on both online-centric and offline-centric businesses.

And the opportunities this power - when wielded correctly and within Facebook's TOS - gives to other digital entrepreneurs.

Messenger bots, at their core, are simply a new way to communicate with online audiences across the globe.

But they present opportunities that we've never seen before.

Join Robert and Shawn as they "nerd out on bots" and continue to explore and share the vast opportunities that messenger bots present.
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