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How We're Getting FB Traffic Leads and Turning Them Into Paying Customers and Clients…
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About Bot Badassery
You're about to learn the strategies that a very small, elite and incredibly successful marketers are using to get ready-to-buy customers from Facebook in a fraction of the time and fraction of the effort.

And how two guys that used to laugh at this method finally took the time to test it in their own marketing with staggering results (and probably knew less about it than you do right now)

We're Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson and we've been dominating FB traffic and leapfrogging our competition by turning cold FB leads into ready-to-buy customers by using a set of strategies that Facebook actually HELPS us deploy.

And this is no “flash in the pan” method that will go dead shortly after you get started…Facebook messenger bots are here to stay.

We're not telling you this to brag (though we are excited). We're telling you this because you are going to begin replicating this today.

We're about to show you how. First things first:
Dominate FB Traffic and Leapfrog ALL Your Competition By Using This Super Simple Messenger Bot Automation Method
Let's face it...the marketing game is getting tougher by the day.

Not just by the day but by the hour, by the MINUTE.
In fact, your very competition is reading this same page as you are....RIGHT NOW.

The barrier to entry into marketing is making it virtually impossible to get ahead, let alone not drown.

ANYONE in the world is now your competition with the potential to choke out any life you had in your campaigns.

So we have to be ahead of the game. Not just ahead, but SO FAR ahead that they will never be able to catch up. Stake our claim and CRUSH them as we go.

How? You need something new. Something fresh.

A simple automation method that actually replaces the need for YOU to be always in your lead-generation business.

Sounds like something from the future. And not to sound cliche' but "The Future Is NOW". LITERALLY.
The Secret to Using Messenger Bots Is So Easy, You Won’t Believe It…Until It Works For You Again and Again
There is only one problem. And it's a pretty big one.

The learning curve is so huge, you will spend months trying to figure things out. To stumble around, only to have things change on you AGAIN.

Trust us when we say we had to learn that the hard way. We had our simple automation hack set up only to have it crushed because we took too long.

So we went back to the drawing board. Hammered out test after test after test. Until what we spit out was nothing short of the ultimate game-changer.

A Simple Automation Hack that your competition WILL NOT be able to replicate.

The simplicity is on a level they will overlook the ONE element that keeps us crushing campaign after campaign.

All while adding in a level of automation (with our special one-of-a-kind 'hack') that expedites the entire setup.

Imagine this for a minute...

It's Monday morning and you wake up, grap your coffee and flick on your laptop. Overnight, your Simple Automation Hack has been working for you.

Sale after sale after sale. ALL. WHILE. YOU. SLEPT.

I don't know about you, but that's why we got into this game in the first place. To have systems working while we sleep.

Have simple automated systems working for us 24/7/365. But how were we able to do this?

Welcome to Bot Badassery...
"But FB Messenger Bots Look Confusing and Difficult to Set Up! I'm Not a Techie!"
FACT: Believe it or not, most of the so-called "experts" are using FB messenger bots completely wrong.

We know because we screwed up every imaginable way (and then some!) trying to follow their advice... first.

Our messages were too long...

Or they were too pushy...

Or we didn't get the lead quickly enough...

Or we didn't ask for the sale the right way...

We screwed up every imaginable way.

Until we started hitting on a better way.

It didn't come all at once. It was little "wins" here and there. First, a bot that showed some promise.

Then after some tweaks, we got leads...and then sales.

Then after some more tweaks, it started really rocking and rolling.

Then another bot..and another...and another...all with FB ad costs that were plummeting while everyone else's were going up!

We knew we were on to something big with our testing...

And the best part is...that it was WAY EASIER to do than what all the "gurus" are doing.

In fact, they started coming to us to help them with everything from getting leads to getting sales to getting webinar registrations using our messenger bot methods!

And here's the thing...we aren't "tech guys" - far from it! But that's the beauty of Bot don't have to be a "tech God" to do it.
This Method is Literally Almost TOO Powerful...
Now we are NOT telling you to abandon the rest of the stuff you are doing in your business. What we ARE telling you is that adding in a bot can make your results exponential.

If you are just starting out, then you are in an even better spot. First we need to explain why Messenger Bots are SO powerful.

When you send an email, you literally have to wait hours if not days for your customers to engage with that email.

You have to wait until they get to their computer or check their email on their phone. And despite what you may think, the general person is not like us marketers.

Compulsively checking our email all day long. Nope.

So not only do you have to wait, odds are you are getting under a 20% open rate.

That means that out of every 100 people on your list, only 20 are actually reading let alone see your emails.

Those stats alone are just 'Yuck'. But...

...this is where Messenger Bots shine.

The power in this is not to be taken lightly. Many 'gurus' will tell you to be careful with certain methods and to make sure you are using them responsibly.

This is just a ploy to get you to think what they have is super powerful.

Well, with Messenger Bots this is the REAL DEAL.

Think about this: Someone is walking down the street.

You send a message through your Bot. Their phone is literally buzzing in their pocket.

YOU made it do that. Talk about powerful.

Want to talk about open rates? How about 90%! Yep.
How We SCREWED IT ALL UP...And Still Killed It With Our Bots:
We have even tested it doing it the WRONG way... and still have over 50% open rates.

Imagine that for a second.

Even doing it wrong we still got 50% of our customers to engage.

Not to use this term lightly, but this is an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER.

But (and this is a huge but) odds are you still aren't using a Messenger Bot in your marketing.

And if you are (or have followed some of the training we have seen) you are doing it ALL WRONG.

There is a VERY small percentage of anyone doing it correctly.

We are connected to dozens of bots and (literally) none of them are using Messenger as intended.

All we see are super long marketing messages blowing up our inboxes daily.


Your customers do not want to stop what they are doing and read your marketing pitch.

What they DO want is to engage.

To chat with you (or in this case your Bot).

That is the whole purpose of Messenger.

And this has been lost on the so-called 'gurus' teaching Messenger Marketing.

This is where 'Bot Badassery' was born.

Dominate FB Traffic and Leapfrog ALL Your Competition By Turning Cold FB Leads Into Blazing HOT, Ready-to-Buy Customers Using This Super Simple Messenger Bot Automation Method
The key words here:

Simple. Automation. Hack.

This stuff is NOT hard.

Actually it's quite simple.

Trust us.

We've done it the hard way.

Screwed it up.

Did it still work?

Sort of. Only because this is SO powerful.

But do it the correct way?

Oh baby.

Now we are talking.

In fact we have taken the power of a Simple Facebook Ad + Simple Messenger Bot and are handing the process over to you.

All gift wrapped with a nice little bow ;-)

Want in?
Bot Badassery
"What Is Bot Badassery?"
Bot Badassery Module 1
In Module 1, we hit the ground running by covering what bots are used for as well as the distinct advantages of using messenger bots vs. when not to use them.

This provides a solid foundation of understanding so that when we get into the strategy of dominating with messenger bots, you'll have a clear understanding of their power and exactly how they are best applied.
Bot Badassery Module 2
In Module 2, we jump right into the messenger bot service that we recommend: ManyChat.

We take all the confusion out of messenger bots right away so that you are comfortable and familiar with the service and the strategies behind messenger bots for the rest of the course, so you never feel lost.

We recommend ManyChat for multiple reasons: it only costs $10 to start, it's the clear leader among chatbot applications, and they offer the best service with the most up-to-date features. They also work closely with Facebook to make sure that messenger bots and their use are completely, 100% compliant, which helps us, the marketers succeed.
Bot Badassery Module 3
The term, "Growth Tools" refers to any method that we use to get subscribers into our messenger bots.

And another reason we use ManyChat is that they offer the most substantial and advanced growth tools available. In Module 3, we cover them all.

While Facebook ads are a huge part of getting bot subscribers, it's not the only way and after you go through Module 3, your head will be spinning with ideas on how to get new bot subscribers and, in turn, how to optimize your process and monetize those subscribers in many different ways.
Bot Badassery Module 4
In Bot Badassery, we've taken great care in taking the "scary" out of messenger bot technology...meaning you do NOT have to be a "techie" to use them (we certainly aren't).

To help with this, we devoted Module 4 in its entirety to showing you exactly how to set up your messenger bot and ManyChat from "A to Z" specifically for use with the strategies we show in later modules.

This is incredibly important so you're never lost and you can utilize your messenger bots to their fullest potential.
Bot Badassery Module 5
What good would messenger bot training be without showing you exactly how to set up and run FB ads to them?

In Module 5 we "deep dive" into our #1 'secret' Facebook ad type with full transparency so you know exactly what works and what to avoid.

You see everything...the ads, the copy, and even the targeting methods we use for optimal performance in filling our messenger bots with ready-to-buy prospects.
Bot Badassery Module 6
In order to get ManyChat and Facebook ads to "shake hands" so the people that click on your ads enter your bots and become subscribers, we have to use a technology called "JSON"

Don't worry, it's easy. And Module 6 takes you through the process step-by-step so you literally follow along in a "click here, click there" format so you'll be an "old pro" at using JSON in no time.
Bot Badassery Module 7
Another of our favorite methods of getting messenger bot subscribers and communicating with them is via the use of something called, "Messenger Ref URL"

Don't let the name scare's simply a link that your visitors click that gets them into your messenger bot so they become subscribers.

The Messenger Ref URL strategy is extremely powerful...don't let it's simplicity fool you. This is very powerful if used correctly.
Bot Badassery Module 8
You've constantly heard that email marketing is important.

But with email lists, you're doing really well with just a 30% open rate!

What if we told you that we're consistently getting a 90%+ open rate with our messenger bot broadcasts?!?

Not only that, we're getting similar click-through rates.

Meaning that when you broadcast to your messenger bot subscribers using our strategies, you'll immediately see a huge increase in engagement from your fans and users.
Bot Badassery
Your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
We're so confident that the methods laid out in Bot Badassery will virtually transform your business into a badass lead and sales magnet that we're offering a no-questions-asked 30 day guarantee.

If you're not completely jazzed up and loving it then just shoot us an email and you'll get every dime of your investment refunded immediately, no questions asked.
Bot Badassery will only be available for a LIMITED TIME.

This isn’t some hokey false scarcity tactic. We run our own successful businesses and we're 100% devoted to them just like we're 100% devoted to giving you the absolute best information on how we run them.

Simply put, we can’t possibly leave this offer up for months on end because we simply do not have the time to offer support for tens of thousands of customers.

So we’ve limited this offer’s availability for seven short days. And once it’s gone, it’s gone…period.

Only those that DO NOT HESITATE will get to SEE THESE RESULTS.
P.S. - Just One More Thing...
If you’re like us then you are sick and tired of all the B.S. “strategies,” “techniques,” and “methods” being bought and sold that just plain DO NOT WORK.

You’re also sick and tired of chasing the “next big thing” to finally make the leap into a real, sustainable business.

Just Say No to hokey "pie in the sky" BS that doesn't work…

Or "loopholes" that will be closed tomorrow...

If you are tired of trying to get new leads and customers into your business QUICKLY but not seeing results...

If you are looking for a REAL-WORLD proven method you can use RIGHT NOW to start and grow your business…
Robert Stukes
Shawn Anderson
Bot Badassery
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