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Watch this quick video to see the exact strategies and automations we're using to...
- Build HUGE lists on autopilot
- Automate our info product sales
- Pack our webinars
- Sell TONS of affiliate products
ALL on autopilot with messenger bots...
About Bot Badassery: Strategies & Automation
Upon purchasing Bot Badassery, you now have the power to make messenger bots create more leads and raving fansthan you probably ever imagined.

So let me be 100% clear:



When you grab Bot Badassery: Strategies & Automation you are literally getting a behind-the-scenes look at the exact, SPECIFIC strategies that Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson use to make messenger bots so successful.

...and the automations that make them completely "set it and forget it..."
Putting Your Marketing On Near-Complete Autopilot as a "Non Techie"...Is It Possible?
You bet it is. After all, Robert and Shawn are about as "non-techie" as they come.

When we talk about automation, we're not simply talking about scheduling a few emails in an autoresponder.

What if you were able to completely and seamlessly get subscribers into your email autoresponder, your messenger bot, subscribe them to a webinar, and get them into a Facebook group in just TWO STEPS?

It's possible.

What if you were able to use FB messenger bots to get subscribers on your email list WITHOUT a lead magnet and then sell them affiliate products?

It's possible.

What if you were able to use FB messenger ads to quickly pack your webinars with targeted prospects and remind them to attend with broadcast messages they'll actually read so your attendance skyrockets?

It's possible.

And it's all automated. And we show you step by step how it's done in Bot Badassery: Strategy & Automations
"Is This Cheating?"
Yeah, I know. It sounds insane that you can do all this. And probably impossible.

But it’s definitely not impossible.

In fact, it's really easy. We've already done the testing and figured out all the easiest ways to get it done.

All you have to do is follow our simple to use guide...

We literally tell you to "click here, click there..." your way to complete bot automation.

You'll never see this level of detail anywhere else...and ESPECIALLY not with showing you messenger bots...

It simply doesn't exist. We're the only ones that are using these strategies because we invented them.

Then we tested them "in the wild" to perfection.

So now we use them to ruthlessly take over markets.

It doesn't matter what niche you are in, you know you need to build a list.

So that's where we start: by building huge lists of people that will be ready to buy from you.

If you sell info products, you're going to LOVE our automated strategies that you simply set up, push "PLAY."

Finally, if you use webinars, you're going to be blown away at how easy it is to pack them with fans with these simple methods.
We did the hard work so you don't have to...
The key words here:

Simple. Automation. Hack.

This stuff is NOT hard.

Actually it's quite simple.

Trust us.

We've done it the hard way.

Screwed it up.

Did it still work?

Sort of. Only because this is SO powerful.

But do it the correct way?

Oh baby.

Now we are talking.

In fact we have taken the power of a Simple Facebook Ad + Simple Messenger Bot and are handing the process over to you.

All gift wrapped with a nice little bow ;-)

Want in?
"What's in Bot Badassery: Strategies & Automation?"
It's All Included…
Your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
We're so confident that the methods laid out in Bot Badassery will virtually transform your business into a badass lead and sales magnet that we're offering a no-questions-asked 30 day guarantee.

If you're not completely jazzed up and loving it then just shoot us an email and you'll get every dime of your investment refunded immediately, no questions asked.
Bot Badassery: Strategy and Automation will only be shown to you this one time.

This isn’t some hokey false scarcity tactic. This is your chance to grab it now...

And once it’s gone, it’s gone…period.

Only those that DO NOT HESITATE will get to SEE THESE RESULTS.
P.S. - Just One More Thing...
If you’re like us then you are sick and tired of all the B.S. “strategies,” “techniques,” and “methods” being bought and sold that just plain DO NOT WORK.

You’re also sick and tired of chasing the “next big thing” to finally make the leap into a real, sustainable business.

Just Say No to hokey "pie in the sky" BS that doesn't work…

Or "loopholes" that will be closed tomorrow...

If you are tired of trying to get new leads and customers into your business QUICKLY but not seeing results...

If you are looking for a REAL-WORLD proven method you can use RIGHT NOW to start and grow your business…
Robert Stukes
Shawn Anderson
It's All Included…
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